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Getway General Engineering Consultant

Oromia, South West Shewa
Job Type
Work Setup
Application Deadline
January 1, 2030
Machine design, manufacturing, maintaining and installation of different mechanical, electrical and chemical machines. We are also highly professional in consulting and bulging different industrial shade, different volume of liquid tanks and designing defferent size of alcohol distillation plant.
Requirements & Skills
We are dedicated group with sufficient experience in mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering knowledge.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
Any individuals and groups who are willing to work with us, we are available at any time.
Minimum Experience
3 years
We are doing our job with extensive knowledge and experience.
Safety tips
  • Don't pay fees for applying/interviewing
  • Avoid going for an interview at an unofficial office address
  • Do your research and check info about the company
  • Never disclose personal info before you get a job offer
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