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Lideta, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Smart Watches
Brand New
Archive: ➡ ከማንኛውም ስልክ ጋር በbluetooth ተገናኝቶ ስልክ መደወል እንዲሁም ማናገር ይቻላል<br />➡ ምን ያህል ካሎሪ እንዳቃጠልን ይሳያል<br />➡ የደም ግፊትን ይለካል<br />➡ ስፖርት ስንሰራ ይቆጥርልናል<br />➡ ብዙ ሰአት ስንተኛ በalarm ይቀሰቅሰናል ; ቴክስት መላክ እንዲሁም መቀበል የሚችሉበት<br />📎 📎<br />👉🏻built-in: mic+speakers and full touch screen<br />👉🏻 full screen 1.75 inch display &amp; waterproof sports watch<br />👉🏻support bluetooth calling and push notifications<br />👉🏻 music &amp; camera remote control<br />👉🏻 body temperature measurement &amp; heart rate tracker<br />👉🏻 monitor blood pressure<br />👉🏻 charger: magnetic pin charger<br />... ...<br />💰price - 2200<br />🏍🚚 free delivery / ካሉበት ቦታ በነፃ እናደርሳለን<br />📩 telegram :-<br />💬 facebook :<br />⊰━ ⊱⊰━ ⊱<br />leyu online shop®<br />⊰━ ⊱⊰━

Bina Davi

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