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Addis Ababa, Bole

Harmonium የልጆች ባለፒያኖ መቦረቂያ

Hልጆች እግራቸውን ሲያንፈራግጡ ፒያኖውን ሲነኩት ፒያኖው ድምፅ በማውጣት ልጆችን ያስፈነድቃል ልጆች ከፍ ብለው መቀመጥ ሲችሉ ምንጣፉ ላይ ቁጭ ብለው ፒያኖውን እየመቱ ይጫወቱበታል improves childern's handling ability combining learning with playing to learn through play safe materials the popular gift for children,it will bring them a golden childhood
Harmonium የልጆች ባለፒያኖ መቦረቂያ
ETB 4,000 per piece
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